HR Consulting

HR's Modern Focus

There is no quick fix for HR, but there are ways to streamline the workload by implementing the right tools. Shortcuts will not help your company raise capital, instead may end up costing your organization millions in less seed money, lesser revenues, and toxic cultures. 

We can offer:

  • Better data to make informed decisions 
  • Organizational design 
  • HRIS & ATS implementation and management 
  • Recruitment and on-boarding strategies for rapid growth
  • Robust compensation and benefits analysis
  • Meaningful policy and procedures tailored for start ups, mid-size, and large organizations 
  • Integration with Finance (Payroll, Reimbursement Policy, Reporting) 

Why Us?


Early HR Administration

We help organizations (including startups) maximize workforce and plans to make the best use of investor funds and best prepare your organization for growth. 

Customized HR Solution

We customize HR solutions based on following factions:

1. Size

2. Culture

3. Goals

4. Scalabilty 


Consultations with us will allow you to create a unique service plan. EvolvedPartners can create customized HR plans to fit your unique needs.


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